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As one of the most respected and oldest companies in the automobile warranty industry, we are passionate about helping you protect what is probably your second largest investment: your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle. National Protection Service offers a wide variety of packages to meet your specific needs.

Our number one priority is keeping your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle on the road, providing you with peace of mind and worry-free driving.

As added protection, National Protection Service includes free, 24/7 roadside assistance coverage with all its extended warranty programs. This added free valuable protection eliminates your worries should you unexpectedly run out of gas, get a flat tire, dead battery or have other unpredictable events that can happen on the road.

With both new and used extended warranty choices, you can find the right package that works best for you! Join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have placed their safety, peace of mind, and trust in us.

Call us at 1-800-228-6160 and learn more about extended warranty protection. The call is free, and the information is free.

AfterCare Support

Automobile repairs are very costly and will more than likely increase in the future. In today's economy, this can be a burden on you. Our warranty programs can help you save on bills.


Your Questions Answered

We understand you may have questions when it comes to the nuts and bolts of things. Topics such as "What if I trade?" "How do I file a claim?" and more are discussed for you here:

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About Our Company

The success of our company is based on longevity, experience and commitment. Our upper management team is comprised of highly trained individuals with over 25 years of experience in the automotive and service contract fields. Taking advantage of this expertise, National Protection Service, was formed in 1994. Since inception, the company has excelled in providing consumers with one of the most comprehensive and reliable extended auto warranty programs available nationwide.

We act quickly to resolve your claim and have you get your vehicle back on the road, where it belongs. Headquartered in New Jersey since inception, we have proudly fulfilled the needs of our clients by providing them with an unparalleled extended automobile warranty program, surpassing any other program offered anywhere else.

Because we have been successful in meeting the trust and confidence placed in us by the driving public, we feel we have a further obligation to maintain that trust by constantly tailoring our programs to meet the demands of today's driving needs.

Decades of Dependable Service

Our success is a result of meeting your expectations of a comprehensive, affordable program by a company whose very foundation has been built on its integrity and customer satisfaction. When your vehicle is in need of repair, you will find our administrator's claims staff to be the best there is. Managed by a team of extended car warranty service contract experts, each has a minimum of 10 years experience in their field.